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UAHUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
UAHUkrainian Hryvnia (ISO currency code, aka: Grivna)
UAHUniversidad de Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
UAHUniversity of Alberta Hospital
UAHUgly As Hell
UAHUrsus Arctos Horribilis (Grizzly bear)
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Bono did some of the early sensitivity testing work along with UAH senior Molly Sanders of Huntsville, who is an undergraduate concurrently working on her master's degree in biology as part of UAH's Joint Undergraduate Master's Program (JUMP).
The broad coalition behind UAH consists of: The National Black Chamber of Commerce, RetireSafe, National Consumer League, National Organization for Women, Fair Housing Advocates Association and Fairholme.
Early on, UAH secured some of the first funding in the state for community gardens.
1 shows that the UAH has been able to retain these high levels of standards compliance and has provided a safe quality environment in which the multidisciplinary team has been able to provide quality care for its patients.
At UAH, which has hosted the program since 1993, 630 undergraduate students have completed degrees in the STEM fields.
Honors Forum provides lectures by UAH faculty from virtually all academic departments, as well as by speakers from outside the university.
Getting the IMF loan could significantly on the exchange rate of UAH against the dollar or the euro is not affected.
Current offer of UAH 20-25bn in VAT bonds is comparable to the value of all t-bonds currently in circulation (excluding balance of central bank) and exceeds the total volume of bonds held by the market (excluding state-owned banks).
Ukraine managed to raise UAH 734mn at the yesterday's auction with the bulk of the funds coming from the issue of Euro-2012 3 year bonds (UAH 707mn).
Ukraine's banking sector is strategic by its size and one of the most dynamic in the region (+58% growth in 2006 in UAH terms), offering huge business development opportunities.