UAHCUnion of American Hebrew Congregations
UAHCUnited American Healthcare Corporation (est. 1985)
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Minutes of the UAHC Commission on Jewish Education, 1958-1969 Oct.
Managing an academic department in UAHC is now a nightmare, and it has functioned in crisis mode for the past 10 years.
Rabbi Alexander Schindler, former President of the UAHC, responded to the platform's first draft by stating that the language used in it was not inclusive enough.
In 1973, the year the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder, a newly-formed congregation for lesbian and gay Jews was accepted into membership in the UAHC.
Freehof, Book of Ezekiel (New York: UAHC, 1978), 184-85; W.
In keeping with these goals, UAHC officials agreed that it was "eminently fitting that a record of our people should be compiled for future reference.
1840-1930", Nucleo de Estudios Historicos Regionales Comparados, UAHC, del cual el autor fue coinvestigador.
In addition, UAHC will issue up to 1,608,040 ordinary shares to be given to the shareholders of California-based Pulse Systems.
Rossel, A Congregation of Learners: Transforming the Synagogue into a Learning Community (New York: UAHC Press, 1995), pp.
Having studied with Professor Morgan at several UAHC Kallot, I find much in this volume that is familiar but now in a fully worked-out form.
Alumni of UAHC Eisner Camp often report that camp helped them discover their connection to spirituality and religion.
See, for instance, Eric Werner, In The Choir Loft: A Manual for Organists and Choir Directors in American Synagogues (New York: UAHC, 1957), 37-43.