UAISUniversal Access in the Information Society (journal)
UAISUniversal Automatic Identification System (ITU Rec. M.1371)
UAISUniversal Automatic Identification System (US Coast Guard)
UAISUnified Automated Information System (Customs Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
UAISUniversity Administrative Information Services
UAISUtica Academy for International Studies (Sterling Heights, MI)
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Mr Enok Odegaard, sales manager of Comrod Marine Division said, 'As greater numbers of smaller vessels come under mandatory requirement to fit UAIS equipment, there is an increasing need to make solutions more cost effective - the size and impressive performance of Sarantel's antenna made simple economic sense.
Open Competition: Support Information And Software Tools To Ensure The Collection Of Customs Information And The Formation Of A Central Database Of UAIS Customs Authorities
Open Competition: Execution Of Survey Information Processes Of The Office For Work With Personnel Of The MIA Russia, Design And Development Of The AIS URLS And Integrating With UAIS Cascade And UAIS Vityaz.
Open Competition: Providing Services Competence Center Software System UAIS Social Register Of Population
Open Competition: Maintenance of information technology software Transport subsystem UAIS