UASFUser Activated Soft Fork (cryptocurrency)
UASFUnited Admins Society of Finland
UASFUnited Administrators of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
UASFUpflow Anaerobic Sludge Filter (biotechnology)
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Karman's subsequent report, entitled Toward New Horizons did just that, and Arnold and his successors enacted two important structural changes implicit in the report: they established a permanent, peacetime UASF Scientific Advisory Board to provide ongoing, high-level technical recommendations; and they initiated an organization devoted to promoting engineering and science, known originally as the Air Research and Development Command.
Franklin also said UASF would continue to be a member of the Arkansas two-year college association.
Stubblefield said that in addition to adding baccaluareate programs and a graduate center, UASF would continue the one- and two-year programs currently offered by Westark.