UAUUnderwater Archaeology Unit (North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources)
UAUUterine Activity Unit (gynecology)
UAUUniversities Athletic Union
UAUUniversity of Alberta Ultimate (Canada)
UAUUnited Activities Unlimited, Inc. (est. 1977; Staten Island, NY)
UAUUnderwood and Underwood (photography; est. 1880; New York, NY)
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Durham won the UAU (now the BUSA) title in 1965 and 1969, played in the final in 1973 and 1974 and then, after a 12 years of near misses, won four titles in five years.
Brandi said that once, when the Dan Moore passed near where the UAU crew was working, the crew asked for help in bringing up a cannon.
Julep Gillman-Bryan serves as equipment manager and dive safety officer for the UAU.
Manfield played just one second-team game before playing first-team rugby at Otley and also appeared for the UAU and Yorkshire County.
Northumbria have rivalled Durham's record for Twickenham appearances in what is now the BUSA final - it used to be known as the UAU Championship - and much of Durham's success was based on the coaching of Ted Wood, who stepped down from the role last season.
Our current work with the UAU is a natural extension of our efforts to reach out to New York's communities through our young people," noted Howard Schwartz, CEO of Lynch, Jones & Ryan.
The funds donated by LJR are being used to sponsor the 1997 UAU basketball season.
It was my first appearance there for Wales, although I had sat on the bench previously in 1976 as a 20-year-old and experienced Twickenham and its notorious swirling wind-tunnels in the Varsity match, in the then UAU final and with Cardiff on a number of occasions when we were visited the Harlequins.
JO JIJIJ (a tree) / OIOIO (a JP HAJJ (hadj-oed) / HAPP (hap= plantain) chance- oed) JQ JANAJ (Egyptian village) / JU JAJ (Ethiopia) / UAU QANAQ (see BQ) (Hawaiian petrel) JV JAJ (see JU) / VAV (see IV) JW HAJJAH (Yemen)/HAWWAH (Hebrew 'Eve') JX JANAJ (see JQ) / XANAX (a brand of alprazolam-Random House Dic.
Maj Thomas Meeks, a former Predator operator, believes that "it makes sense to separate technical skills from judgment skills in UAUs.
According to joint doctrine, "efforts should be made to integrate UAUs with manned flight operations to enable a more flexible and adaptable airspace structure.
The introduction of UAUs into the IAF and exploitation of civilian space technology also add significant punch to our capability and require careful integration into our intelligence framework.