UAVSARUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar
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Flight measurements have been successfully conducted end of 2010 at Mersing, Malaysia with primary objective is to verify the capability of UAVSAR system.
In this research project, receiver C-band RF transceiver for UAVSAR have been successfully designed and constructed.
This paper presents the system design and development, as well as some preliminary results of the UAVSAR.
The center frequency of the UAVSAR is selected at 5.
Based on the design considerations described above, the specifications of the UAVSAR system are determined and are summarized in Table 1.
Figure 3 shows the functional block diagram of the UAVSAR Sensor.
Therefore, RDA has been selected as the real time image formation algorithm for our UAVSAR system.
Figure 13 shows the block diagram of the enhanced UAVSAR data acquisition and processing system.
A series of field experiment has been conducted in year 2010 to verify the performance of the UAVSAR system.