UAWGUniversal ADSL Working Group
UAWGUrban Area Working Group (various locations)
UAWGUm Antwort Wird Gebeten (German: Requesting An Answer)
UAWGUniversal Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Working Group (broadband consortium)
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NASDAQ/NM symbol: ECILF) a world leader in copper enhancement deployment, is successfully demonstrating interoperability with other ADSL Lite CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) systems at the UAWG interoperability showcase, SuperComm, Atlanta.
That's why BellSouth and the UAWG feel thg very closely with key suppliers/partners to bring G.
More than 30 UAWG and ADSL Forum member companies will participate in the Interoperability Showcase and demonstrate the commercial readiness of G.
Gateway, the leading consumer desktop PC vendor in the United States during the fourth quarter of 1998(a), joins other UAWG members in working toward the development of a standard intended to create quick deployment and adoption of ADSL.
By joining the UAWG, Gateway is able to work hand-in-hand with other industry leaders to facilitate the adoption of a broadband standard," said Daniel Pittard, senior vice president of strategy and new ventures for Gateway.