UAYUnited Action for Youth (Iowa)
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Maricar Holopanien, UAY cofounder, said the event sought individuals with shared enthusiasm for yoga and well-being: We're bringing people together without the intimidation of the studio, and they are taught by a good teacher.
The objectives of UAY scheme are to promote innovation in IITs addressing issues of manufacturing industries; to spur innovative mindset; to co-ordinate action between academia & industry and to strengthen labs & research facilities.
PARAG UAY : Villar, Morel Rodriguez, Da Silva, Julio Caceres, Caniza, Vera, Victor Caceres, Riveros, Haedo Valdez (Benitez 66), Santa Cruz, Cardozo (Barrios 66).
Tenders are invited for Construction of shed work for (a) furnace lab of & (b) UAY Project of Mech.
Another US Air Force concern is that it is currently not rewarding for its personnel to learn to fly only UAVs, which the service (like Nato) refers to as RPAs (unlike the US Army and Navy, which call them UAYs, and the US Congress, Coast Guard and FAA, which call them UAS).
You've got to approach everything with UAYs and get over your paradigms.