UBADU Buy A Drone
UBADUnite Bikers against Drugs (Christian motorcycle association)
UBADUnited Black Association for Development (Belize)
UBADUsage-Based Approaches to Dutch
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For us, the rise of UBAD was a product of this internationalization of Black Power and a response to the severe conditions African people experienced "in particular localities" throughout the Diaspora.
The UBAD movement in British Honduras/Belize was not an isolated phenomenon.
Over time, as UBAD and Hyde evolved, their Pan-African and Black Power orientations adjusted to changing forces in Belizean society.
Rather, Black power nationalism in Belize under UBAD was actually morphing into newer expressions of Pan-African nationalism that, by definition, included a local political agenda.
UBAD disbanded on Friday, November 8th, 1974 and ceased to formally participate in the Belizean political process.
Then, in 1994, UBAD was reconstituted by Hyde as the UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF).