UBCOUniversity of British Columbia, Okanagan (Campus)
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dealers the first shipments of Ubcos that can be ridden on streets as well as off road.
With its moped classification in Oregon and other states, people only need a driver's license to operate the new Ubcos on streets.
The new Ubcos are equipped with brake lights, turn signals, sideview mirrors and other safety features that allow them to be ridden on streets.
The Ralston's distribution firm, which they founded last year with the help of local investors, brought the first Ubcos into the U.
Ubcos should appeal to people who want a light, two-wheeled electric vehicle that is easy to maneuver and store, Russell said.
Ubcos are packed in metal containers and shipped from China to the Port of Seattle.
Ken Stober, Third Space founder said, We are thrilled and honoured with the relationship our team has been building with UBCO leadership and students.
With a step-through frame and only weighing 130 pounds, Ubcos are easy to mount, handle and transport, Russell said.
Russell, the Eugene motorcycle dealer who hopes to start selling Ubcos later this month, said the off-road version will likely appeal to farmers, hunters, recreational vehicle owners and rural property owners.