UBCRUDC (USB (Universal Serial Bus) Device Controller) Byte Count Remaining
UBCRUniformly Best Constant Risk (statistics)
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It has taken more than market knowledge and good processing operations for Schupan & Sons and its UBCR joint venture to succeed so well.
In its role as a third party, UBCR collects, processes and markets the materials.
UBCR has earned the trust of its wholesaling and distribution customers.
That trust is necessary because UBCR handles several steps in the process.
Beyond the trust pertaining to fiscal responsibility, the distributors must also trust that Schupan Recycling, Tomra of North America and their UBCR joint venture will continue to provide reliable collection and processing services.
For UBCR, this means maintaining and servicing a growing number of reverse vending machines and keeping trucks and drivers on the road.
The third-party pick-up and processing system offered by UBCR has helped put in place a deposit-and-return system that minimizes the obligations of the beverage and grocery industries.
formed the UBCR (Used Beverage Container Recovery) LLC joint venture with Tomra North America, Stratford, Conn.
According to the UBCR Web site, the company was formed "to be an industry solution for the collection, transportation and processing of empty beverage containers in the state of Michigan.
Now, UBCR has more than 40 drivers, 20 tractors and 140 trailers and handles more than 100 million cases annually, serving some 540 retail locations and 140 distributors or wholesalers.