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UBIUniversal Basic Income
UBIUsage-Based Insurance (automobile insurance)
UBIUniversidade da Beira Interior (Portugal)
UBIUniversity of Beira Interior (Portugal)
UBIUnited Bank of India
UBIUnited Barcode Industries
UBIUnrelated Business Income
UBIUnified Business Identifier
UBIUnited Bicycle Institute
UBIUKW-Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Binnenschifffahrtsfunk (German: internationally valid radio certification)
UBIUnited Business Institutes
UBIUltraviolet Blood Irradiation
UBIUnexplained Beer Injury
UBIUltrasonic Borehole Imager (Schlumberger borehole logging tool)
UBIUseless Bits of Information
UBIUnified Business ID (Washington)
UBIUnidentified Beer Injury
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Sospite nunc patria, fracto nunc funeris antro, Mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque patent.
Ubi bene subegeris, defingito, coquitoque sub testu.
The ubi is more than a food for Boholanos; it is a cultural symbol.
Under a UBI program more generally, the federal government would provide every adult below a certain income threshold with a specific amount of money each year.
Given that UBI necessarily promotes universalism and is being pursued by liberal governments rather than overtly right-wing ones, it's tempting to view it as an inherently left-wing conceit.
Insurance telematics and UBI programs work as a way for automotive insurers to meet customers needs, increase retention, and help improve revenues and costs.
Usage-based insurance sales are anticipated to take off in 2017, with expectations that UBI programs will achieve a compound annual growth rate of more than 60% between 2017 and 2020.
They have long been looking forward to the 16th Ubi Festival, which is held every January to showcase the yam, Bohol province's revered and most important crop.
Every business faces a unique set of issues, and designing a UBI program with the right fit involves careful specification of business objectives.
As part of the deal, Aviva will increase its stake in its JVs with UBI Banca to 80%, while its partner will hold the remaining 20%.
HIMEX's UBI 3D platform offers a fast and complete route in the industry to the implementation of usage-based insurance.
The bank is entering the UK market via a subsidiary instead of a branch, which is a sign of its long-term commitment to this market, as the capital requirement for a subsidiary bank is higher, UBI chairman and managing director D Sarkar noted.