UBKUnited Bank of Kuwait, PLC (London, England, UK)
UBKUnbleached Kraft (containerboard classification)
UBKUniversitas Bung Karno (Indonesian: Bung Karno University; Jakarta, Indonesia)
UBKUnited Bowhunters of Kentucky (Midway, KY)
UBKUkrayina Bez Kuchmy (2000-2001 Ukrainian protest)
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60]Co savitojo aktyvumo pasiskirstyma nusako vertikali buvusios pavirsines uztarsos po Ignalinos AE UBK avarijos migracija ir galima lokalioji uztarsa.
According to the Greek news agency, the two former UBK officers said they didn't want to be extradited because they feared for their lives, suspected they won't be given fair trials and denied having committed the crimes they had been charged with dismissing them as political persecution.
The Special Prosecutor's Office proposed Wednesday that a recorded telephone conversation between former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and former UBK director Saso Mijalkov be used in the Sopot trial as evidence.
The proper solution came in the form of the UBK Kabin.
The six other UBK employees were handed down suspended sentences as the Special Prosecutor's Office wanted.
UBK (Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration) doesn't have a special procedure to destroy materials, which means that a firm to do this job had to be contracted rather than have the documents burned at their base in Petrovec," the prosecutor said.
Along with six other UBK employees, Grujevski is indicted for destroying official documentation relating to the illegal wiretapping operation.
While the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (ZNM) believes wiretapping violates the constitutional order and fundamental human rights and has therefore called on Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, and UBK Director Saso Mijalkov to resign, according to the Macedonian Association of Journalists (MAN), publishing telephone conversations without having their authenticity confirmed first and without the consent of the parties involved is a crime.
Both internal and disciplinary procedures are underway against a number of Interior Ministry and UBK staff and addressing this situation is extremely important and is a top priority to us.
Janeva's team waited for an hour to enter UBK where they started executing two court orders late on Wednesday for confiscation of documents and search of computer systems based on which it can be determined what telephone numbers were wiretapped from 2008 until 2015.
In regard to what has been going on at UBK, Prosecutor Lence Ristovska said that the SPO had been issued two court warrants, one to confiscate documents from UBK concerning all the issued investigative measures for interception of communications and the other for searching its computer systems.