UBNUnion Bank of Nigeria
UBNUnsatisfied Basic Needs (poverty measurement)
UBNUnited Blood Nation (gang)
UBNUnity Broadcasting Network (Christian TV network)
UBNUnity Business Networks LLC (various locations; network solutions)
UBNUkraine Banner Network
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We have the UBN also available for 1993, thus, we can evaluate if there were pre-treatment differences (before the boom period) between treated and control groups.
This transaction will bring Atlas Mara's total holding in UBN to 29.
A household presents an UBN in this dimension if any of the following two conditions are verified:
01) in the UBN group; b) Prenatal care: more cases of maternal smoking (T-Test, p<0.
Before we installed the data warehouse, it could take weeks to get the information and formulate it into one view of the customer," says Kari Opdal, head of CRM at UBN.
and Discovery Global Citizens Capital Partners, and their consortium partners will use the OPIC financing to introduce new financial products, including mobile banking technology that will enable UBN to reach unbanked segments of the population, thereby increasing the availability of credit in Nigeria.
2 September 2011 - Shareholders of Union Bank of Nigeria (NIG:UBN), or UBN, will convene at the end of the current month to vote on an agreement with its major investor, African Capital Alliance Consortium, Bloomberg said today, citing an emailed statement from the bank.
Erick Mathe, VP of UBN, states, "We are proud to be working with ER Urgent Care Centers (OTC:ERUG).
GNF has no obligation to support any business written by UBN or GNS; however, GNF is likely to support the Gjensidige Nightwatchman brand when used by the other parties.
A new holding company, Gjensidige NOR Holding (GNH), which will own both UBN and GNS, will be established and listed on the Oslo stock exchange.
Upon approval of this registration, UBN will compete with local telephone companies to deliver various telecommunication services to customers.
net companies, the new UBN site is a product of prolific Man Rabbit House Multimedia.