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UBOSUganda Bureau of Statistics (Kampala)
UBOSUltimate Book of Spells (Canadian TV show)
UBOSUtrecht Burnout Scale (psychometrics)
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UBOS, Uganda Bureau of Statistics: Statistical Abstracts, 2011.
Whereas only 3% of women, according to UBOS and Macro International (14), are engaged in white collar jobs, the problem of lack of breastfeeding time for infants extends beyond this to every woman who is engaged in paid employment.
UBOS and ORC Macro, Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, 2000-2001, Kampala, Uganda: UBOS; and Calverton, MD, USA: ORC Macro, 2001.
The key output of the overall panel survey program will include: the anonymized, unit-record, fully-documented household survey data that are made available within 6-months of completion of fieldwork for each wave, UBOS descriptive survey report, life story analysis, policy notes, academic publications, enhanced analytical capacity within UBOS and outside of UBOS, and enriched Government Annual Performance Reports.
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This demonstrated that the UBOS lacks adequate capacity to independently assess food and nutrition security and the right to adequate food in Uganda.
William Angeyo, a senior statistician at UBOS, stated that there was a general fluctuation in prices of inputs in May and June 2012, and a notable price increase on water tanks.