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UBPCUndergraduate Budget Priorities Committee (Northwestern University)
UBPCUnconstrained Block Power Control
UBPCUnion Band Parents Club (Tulsa, OK)
UBPCUndergraduate Business Plan Challenge (Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship; California)
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UBPCs members started to realize that the autonomy granted by the law was a mere fiction.
Some 21% of these UBPCs reported net losses in 2010.
Additionally, by 2010, the UBPCs belonging to MINAG had racked up 2.
At last count, only 540 UBPCs (428 associated with MINAG and 112 with MINAZ) have met minimum standards of efficiency and solvency.
The final group, made up of some 300 UBPCs, will either merge with more successful ones or be completely dissolved.
The UBPCs will fully manage their own affairs and make their own decisions.
Loans and credits will be given to well-performing UBPCs.
Last year He brought me a new seed variety--it's called Cuba 1051--which they gave him in Havana to try out in the UBPC.
Of course, he doesn't mention that his checking out the neighboring fields protects the fields of the UBPC, but that's the case.
So far I've got no complaints, nor have I heard Anyone in the UBPC or the Sugar Complex complain that He's neglecting his responsibilities.
He" was presumably manager of a state farm in the earlier years of the story, though in its present moment, in the '90s, he is the elected director of the UBPC.
The UBPCs, along with the other cooperatives (husbandry co-ops, CPAs, agropecuarias, Cooperativas de Creditos y Servicios) as well as individual farmers represent that vast majority of land in Cuba.