UBSCUnited Banks Service Company (Colorado)
UBSCUniversity of Bristol Sailing Club (UK)
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Although this is not the place for an extended discussion of the determinants of business stealing, it may be instructive to examine the effect of changes in the foreign firm's R&D parameters on the UBSC for the domestic firm.
To see the effect of changes in these parameters on UBSC for the domestic firm, consider a decrease in [z.
If the away government's subsidy prompts the home government to subsidize the domestic firm as well, then the domestic firm's UBSC profit still falls, but the home subsidy causes the domestic firm to increase its quality causing an increase in profit from the improved quality.
1, UBSC is downward sloping because quality improvements in the competitor's product cause the domestic firm to sell less and cut margin (price) in both markets.
The UBSC series are compliant with standard JEDEC assembly rules, making the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations.