UBTLUtah Biomedical Test Laboratory
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Under the wise leadership of John Pombe Magufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, UBTL will expand and grow by participating in the visionary economic policies of the government and its regulator.
As the time passes, the CV adsorbed on the UBTL surface resultant the decreased of CV concentration in solution.
To evaluate the feasibility of the adsorption of CV on UBTL, simple first order kinetic model was verified using the following equation (2) [21-22]
4 (a-b) which shows that the adsorption of CV on UBTL partially follow the simple first order kinetic equation for different initial concentrations of CV and regression values are given in Table 1.
Second order kinetic equation (3) was applied to evaluate the feasibility of the adsorption of CV on UBTL [21].
The experimental results of the adsorption of CV on UBTL was investigated by plotting 1/[C.
Pseudo second order kinetic equation based on solid phase adsorption was applied to the experimental data obtained for different initial concentrations to investigate the feasibility of adsorption of CV on UBTL [24].
V is the volume of solution in liter and W is the mass of the dry UBTL in g.
1 g UBTL into 50 mL Rh-B solution of various concentrations ranging from 10 to 500 mg/L have been shaken at 30 + 0.
Cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin are the main composition of prepared UBTL [5].
Previous studies had been reported that the UBTL is highly stable and acts as good adsorbent in acidic media [5].
0 and the amount of UBTL was taken for this experiment was 0.