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UBUUniversity of Bristol Union (Bristol, England)
UBUUniversity of Burgos (Spain)
UBUUnified Biostatistical Utility
UBUUrban Bomb Unit
UBUUniversiteits Bibliotheek Utrecht
UBUUniversity of Bradford Union (UK)
UBUUgly But Useful (golf; poor shot that ends up being good)
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With Mad Goose and UBU we are seeing 25 per cent year-on-year growth - it is one of the fastest growing things we are working on.
UBU Enterprises is a full-service web design and marketing agency located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
Rocket from the Tombs decided to associate themselves with Port Talbot after Pere Ubu were refused permission to play in the US.
Esta propuesta eterea y espiritual se complementa con la obra de teatro Ubu rey, dirigida por Declan Donnellan, resuelta en un espacio realista y un juego de video in situ que da movimiento espacial al espectaculo y se convierte en el protagonista: el hijo de mama y papa Ubu que todo lo observa desde su subjetividad.
We started brewing Pure UBU ten years ago now and to see it continuing to win awards is fantastic.
Individuals from the Ubu population had a continuous black band along the dorsal side of the head, thorax, and abdomen (Fig.
By die play's end, Henrich says, "die last vestiges of Jarry drop away, and only Ubu is left--Ubu, an eternal being, setting out on that endless adventure Jarry once foresaw.
Au sein de ces livres mosaiques investis paradoxalement d'une fonction utilitaire, le lecteur, non sans desarroi, est amene a se pencher sur quelques ephemerides et calendriers fantaisistes, a apprendre comment affiner l'or avec des salamandres, a s'informer des recentes promotions au sein de l'ordre de la Gidouille, a decouvrir une version theatrale et ubuesque de l'Affaire Dreyfus, ou encore a reprendre en coeur la chanson Tatane, afin de "faire rougir les negres et glorifier le Pere Ubu.
Jarry staged Ubu Roi in Paris in 1896," explains David.
ubu, which supports people with learning, physical or emotional difficulties, has given animal-lover Tony the chance to lead a full and active life, providing help around the shop and feeding animals, which range from hamsters and guinea pigs to snakes, tarantulas and bearded dragons.
It links in to the famous Ubu beer they brew, which is named after the brewery dog and I-Doo rhymes nicely with Ubu.
The odd play - with its repugnant antihero, Ubu - is considered a precursor to the 20th century theater of the absurd.