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UBUUniversity of Bristol Union (Bristol, England)
UBUUniversity of Burgos (Spain)
UBUUnified Biostatistical Utility
UBUUrban Bomb Unit
UBUUniversiteits Bibliotheek Utrecht
UBUUniversity of Bradford Union (UK)
UBUUgly But Useful (golf; poor shot that ends up being good)
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He fronted an experimental, assaultive, abstract, Seeds-influenced band called Pete Ubu because, I've always believed, he looked just like Alfred Jarry's Ubu woodcuts - and sounded like Ubu at Colonnus.
According to Deb Esling, Creative Director of UBU Enterprises, “We are an award-winning website development company, but we had gotten so busy working for clients that our own website did not reflect our professionalism or quality.
49) two adult meals, 3x Fruit Shoots, 1pt UBU, 1x 250ml chardonnay (pounds 3.
My friend Mike took little persuasion to make his UBU debut so I ordered two pints of the golden nectar.
The addition of Pure UBU ale, from Purity Brewing Co, gives the sausage a subtle treacly edge.
A pint of locally-made real ale, Purity UBU, from a pub that's a member of the Cask Marque Trust.
It is often remarked that, in 1898, when Pa Ubu brandished a toilet brush and shouted "merdre" at an unsuspecting French audience, the avant-garde was born.
The two cards, Wild Card: New World Order and Wild Card: Ubu, which are both original drawings (not based on a model) appear as a counterpoint to the others.
The cash will be used to design a new set, buy music and make puppets for its performance of Ubu, a modern version of Macbeth.
But, with the air conditioning on full, the prospect of a locally-brewed real ale called UBU was even more exciting.
It links in to the famous Ubu beer they brew, which is named after the brewery dog and I-Doo rhymes nicely with Ubu.