UCAFUniversal Cardholder Authentication Field (MasterCard)
UCAFUniting Church Adult Fellowship (Australia)
UCAFUniversity Committee on Academic Freedom (California)
UCAFUnited Chinese Association of Florida (Miami, FL)
UCAFUnited Church of Angel Fire (Angel Fire, NM)
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MasterCard SecureCode is an issuer-based security scheme that takes advantage of MasterCard's UCAF infrastructure to protect against fraud in an online transaction.
Importantly, WorldPay and its merchants will benefit from MasterCard rule changes that shift liability for fraudulent transactions not authorized by the cardholder away from the online merchant and its acquirer when UCAF has been utilized.
With the vast online merchant base that WorldPay brings to the table, MasterCard has accelerated the adoption of UCAF in the marketplace, helping WorldPay's merchants and their customers experience a new level of security and convenience when transacting online.
UCAF supports a broad spectrum of issuer security solutions, providing card issuers with the flexibility to choose how their cardholders best authenticate themselves.
The costs and risks to merchants associated with payments being rejected or fraudulent is very real and MasterCard's UCAF infrastructure provides a great and practical answer to this problem.
MasterCard's SPA is an online security solution that utilizes the UCAF railway.
MasterCard's UCAF is a standard, globally interoperable method of collecting accountholder authentication data at the point of interaction across all channels, including the Internet and mobile devices.
MasterCard collaborated with leading technology vendors to integrate SPA and UCAF into vendor platforms to create innovative online security solutions that will generate widespread global adoption," said Stephen W.
Vendors that have licensed MasterCard's UCAF and SPA combination represent industry leaders in the segments of pseudo account number, mobile commerce, chip and other e-commerce payment solutions.
UCAF is intended to guarantee payment to online merchants by presenting, collecting and passing cardholder authentication information generated by issuers and cardholders.
In MasterCard's European region, unique developments including Europe's first EMV smart card and card reader combination utilizing the UCAF railway are underway.
MasterCard's global standard, as implemented by EURO Kartensysteme, using EMV smart cards in conjunction with the UCAF transport mechanism is the ideal medium to allow for both proper cardholder identification and to ensure that only those transactions approved by the cardholder can be financially settled," said Stephen W.