UCBLUniversité Claude Bernard - Lyon (Lyon, France)
UCBLUnited Commercial Bank Limited (Bangladesh)
UCBLUniversity of California Biomechanics Laboratory
UCBLUganda Commercial Bank Ltd.
UCBLUmbilical Cord Blood Lymphocytes
UCBLUniversity of California's Berkeley Laboratory
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To help relieve the pain, an UCBL orthosis was provided and the patient was advised to stay fit with no-impact cardio-exercises, for instance bike riding.
She was treated conservatively, including extensive explanation of the condition, strengthening exercises for the peroneal muscles, and custom made UCBL orthotics for her street shoes.
We consider applying UCBL orthoses, in neutral position of the feet ("casted in situ"), to be another important step in conservative treatment, aiming to prevent further (valgus) deformity of the feet.
UCBL is listed on both the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange.
Pumaren, who apparently could not get what he wanted from UE team management in terms of strengthening its recruitment program, is getting feelers from reigning UCBL titlist Centro Escolar University.
Lim said the UCBL will put emphasis on quality officiating which he believes is the barometer of a collegiate league's lifespan.
Supply service containers, removal, transport and waste treatment activities infectious health risks and treated on time performance for UCBL.
Entrusted to the holder conducting a physical inventory of movable heritage UCBL and perform a reconciliation of this first physical inventory with the assets recorded in the file of financial and accounting management of this contract is to University (SIFAC).
this consultation provides a mandate to ensure a portion of the exercise of public project in the name and on behalf of UCBL 1 for the realization of building construction CENS-ELI Site Jules Courmont Pierre Benite.
This market covers only sites connected to the main telephone system UCBL.