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UCCAUkrainian Congress Committee of America
UCCAUniversity Cultural Center Association
UCCAUniversity Cultural Center Association (Detroit, MI)
UCCAUniversities Central Council on Admissions
UCCAUnified Child Care Agency
UCCAUniversity City Community Association (San Diego, CA, USA)
UCCAUniversity Committee on Cultural Activities
UCCAUniversity College for the Creative Arts (UK)
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This is less overlap than in southern Illinois, and is likely due to the fact that the beavers that Herr and Rosell (2004) studied occupied linear home ranges, whereas the beavers on UCCA had more circular home ranges, which were likely more difficult to defend than linear home ranges.
As expected, adult female survival on the UCCA was higher than those adult survival rates presented in studies of harvested raccoon populations (Table 2).
Data on applicants and acceptances through the UCCA and PCAS systems illustrate the point.
The distributions for UCCA institutions in 1991 more or less coincide with those for the years 1988 onwards.
Surface recently visited the West Los Angeles studio of Chow--who's soon to relocate to a 50,000-square-foot space he acquired in the city of Vernon-- to talk about the upcoming UCCA show, the ways in which the West continues to misinterpret the East, and why art and money are so interconnected.
The Ullens Center founders [Guy and Myriam Ullens de Schooten] started the UCCA as a very brave thing.
Raccoons are protected from harvest on UCCA and existed at a population density of 1 raccoon/0.
We sampled 3 bottomland hardwood forest patches for raccoon latrine sites on UCCA during January-April 2004.
Tinari organized the first major survey of Xu's career, currently on view at UCCA (through April 20).
This complex installation was a challenge for the UCCA, but it was well executed.
Like Huang, WangDu has been based in Paris since 1989; he, too, moved to Beijing this year and hit the ground running by putting on two solo gallery shows of monumental installations--"2008/8002 Reslisme noctambule" at Arario Beijing and "International Kebab" at Tang Contemporary--as well as running the emerging-artists program at UCCA.