UCCBUniversal Child Care Benefit (Canada)
UCCBUniversity College of Cape Breton
UCCBUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Washington, DC)
UCCBUniversity of Cambridge Concert Band
UCCBUniversity Christian Church of Berkeley (California)
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During the recent election campaign, the Liberals promised to replace the UCCB and CCTB with the new Canada Child Benefit (CTB).
Enhanced payments for the UCCB would begin to be reflected in monthly payments to recipients in July 2015.
The enhanced UCCB would replace the existing Child Tax Credit for the 2015 and subsequent taxation years.
Patrick Johnson has been working at UCCB since 1990, first as Mi'kmaq student advisor, and now as the internal director for the Mi'kmaq College Institute.
Our branch is extending to quite a few areas at UCCB.
There are currently about 240 Mi'kmaq students enrolled at the UCCB, along with a few students from other Aboriginal groups, Johnson said.
Each year, more Mi'kmaq students attend the UCCB than at any other institute in Eastern Canada, and the university has the highest number of Mi'kmaq graduates.
The resource centre is available to all UCCB students, as well as to educators from outside the university.
The UCCB also offers a wide variety of courses in Mi'kmaq studies, dealing with such diverse topics as language, history, government, ecology, and spirituality.
The UCCB, in conjunction with the college institute, also offers a program designed to encourage more Mi'kmaq people to enroll in science programs--the Mi'kmaq Science Advantage Program, or MSAP.
The Community Economic Development Institute at UCCB is looking at how the university can strengthen its role as a mediating structure at the local, provincial and national level.
As a result of the success of this plan, two marketing students at UCCB were hired by the department of Extension and Community Affairs to implement the plan on a local level.