UCCFUniversity and Colleges Christian Fellowship
UCCFUniversity Center for the Child and Family (Michigan)
UCCFUnion County Community Foundation (Lewisburg, PA)
UCCFUpper Clearwater Community Foundation (Idaho)
UCCFUnion County College Foundation (Cranford, NJ)
UCCFUTC Consumption Factors File
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The UCCF said people of all beliefs and backgrounds were welcome to attend Christian union meetings for debate.
To the extent that moneys from this account are not needed to cure deficiencies in any senior or parity fresh water programs, the UCCF is available to make up deficiencies in the CAP debt service and debt service reserve funds.
With excess loan repayments, and pledged funds (including released funds from the UCCF assuming 20% defaults on the Freshwater program), the CAP portfolio could withstand 40% defaults on all loans in any four-year period without causing a bond default.