UCIDUnione Cristiana Imprenditori Dirigenti (Italian: Christian Union of Business Executives)
UCIDUtrecht Center for Infection Dynamics (Utrecht, Netherlands)
UCIDUniversal Call ID (Avaya)
UCIDUser-Centered Information Design (software usability)
UCIDUser-Centered Interface Design
UCIDUniversity of Chicago Identification Card (University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
UCIDUser-Controlled Interface Device
UCIDUnrestricted Configuration Interaction with Single and Double Excitations
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Forged set of images are taken from the UCID Uncompressed Color Image Dataset.
The first 100 original images in the UCID and their manipulated versions are used to calculate the distribution of the intra-distances.
These experiments are carried on the image set consisting of the first 100 original images in the UCID and their manipulated versions.
Today, the ruling party KULMIYE and the opposition UCID are facing a heated campaign from the newly formed political organizations, in order to maintain their status as political parties.
We process 1338 uncompressed original images (ORI) in UCID with single operations or HE-DLO operation chain, using different settings for the window size, variance, gamma value and alpha parameter, as reported in Table 2.
3) UCID consists of 1338 TIFF images with the size of 384 x 512 or 512 x 384 [30].
UCID images are small and undergone downsampling operation, while NRCS images, coming from raw scans of film, are large and very noisy.
Political parties: African Party for Independence of Cape Verde or PAICV [Jose Maria Pereira NEVES, chairman]; Democratic Alliance for Change or ADM [Eurico MONTEIRO] (a coalition of PCD, PTS, and UCID); Democratic Christian Party or PDC [Manuel RODRIGUES]; Democratic Renovation Party or PRD [Victor FIDALGO]; Democratic and Independent Cape Verdean Union or UCID [Antonio MONTEIRO]; Movement for Democracy or MPD [Agostinho LOPES]; Party for Democratic Convergence or PCD [Eurico MONTEIRO]; Party of Work and Solidarity or PTS [Isaias RODRIGUES]; Social Democratic Party or PSD [Joao ALEM].