UCIEUniversity Center for International Education (Wright State University; Ohio)
UCIEUniversity Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (University of Missouri)
UCIEUniversity of Cambridge International Examination (UK)
UCIEUniversity of Cambridge, Institute of Education (UK)
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En lo que a la movilidad nacional respecta basta recordar las investigaciones abiertas por la Brigada de Informacion Provincial de Madrid, por la UCIE, por la Guardia Civil de Asturias, por la Ertzaintza o por el CNI sobre algunos de los miembros de las celulas que luego atentaron en Madrid.
This is the approach employed in several of the goals, operators, methods, and selection rules (GOMS) class of task analysis techniques (Card, Moran, & Newell, 1983; John & Kieras, 1994; Olson & Olson, 1990) and, in the area of graph-based reasoning, that adopted by Lohse (1993) in his UCIE model.
This represents a critical aspect of the models' ability to capture the eye movement and RT data, and it is perhaps worth noting that this would not be possible using one of the GOMS class of task analy sis techniques, such as CPM-GOMS (CPM stands for both critical path method and cognitive-perceptual-motor; John, 1990; John & Kieras, 1994) or UCIE (Lohse, 1993).