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UCP2Uncoupling Protein 2
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Although in the current study we observed increased Ucp2 mRNA expression levels in BPA-exposed groups, we did not find statistically increased UCP2 protein levels.
APOA5 (b) Chr11 4 1101 False LDLRAP1 Chr1 9 927 False MMP9 Chr20 13 2124 False PDGFRB Chr5 23 3321 False VEGFA Chr6 7 1239 False ACTA2 Chr10 9 1134 True APOC3 Chr11 4 300 False CAV1 Chr7 3 537 False CD40 Chr20 9 834 False CETP Chr16 16 1482 False CIITA Chr16 20 3396 False FGG Chr4 10 1362 True GPX1 Chr3 1 612 True LPL Chr8 10 1428 False MBL2 Chr10 4 747 True MVK Chr12 11 1191 False PITX2 Chr4 6 954 False TNFRSF1A Chr12 10 1368 False UCP2 Chr11 8 930 False Gene name GC content APOA5 (b) 0.
UCP2 is involved in cellular metabolism of fat, which is a key component of breast milk, suggesting that induction of UCP2 by natural birth may aid the transition to breast feeding.
UCP2 blocked respiration substrates derived from sugar from gaining access to the mitochondria, instead shunting them to the glycolytic and biosynthesis pathways located in the cytoplasm, inhibiting the stem cell's ability to respire as a method for generating energy.
Polymorphisms and haplotypes in the bovine NPY, GHR, GHRL, IGF2, UCP2, and UCP3 genes and their associations with measures of growth, performance, feed efficiency and carcass merit in beef cattle.
Although no significant difference, A/A allele of UCP2 polymorphism showed a reduced sympathetic nervous system (SNS) index activity compared to G/G + G/A allele during exercise intervention in our subjects.
Por fim, e muito bem documentado que a vitamina A e seus acidos retinoicos ativos regulam as proteinas UCP2, induzem a apoptose, participam da diferenciacao do preadipocito e atuam na termogenese (Puigserver e colaboradores, 1996).
Lab animals that have the symptoms of type 2 diabetes often have high concentrations of UCP2, says diabetes researcher Bradford Lowell of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.