UDMRUniunea Democrata a Maghiarilor din Romania (Union of Hungarians in Romania)
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Our contribution to stability is of paramount importance," UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said on Monday.
From 2007 until December 2008, former Prime Minister Tariceanu's PNL ran an ultra-minority government in coalition with the UDMR and tacit support of the PSD.
UDMR combines a wide variety of platforms with different doctrinaire orientations resembling rather a system of parties (62).
Only 1 of the 14 UDMR MPs in our sample responded, despite the fact that we sent them questionnaires in both Hungarian and Romanian.
At the same time, the UDMR held steady with 11 and 25 seats respectively.
This action triggered vehement protests, particularly from city government led by UDMR which criticized methods and purposes.
The special Commission has in its composition 23 senators and deputies, from all groups represented in the Parliament: 9 from PSD (social-democrats), 6 from PNL (liberals), 3 from PDL (democrat-liberals, the main party of the opposition), 2 representing PPDD (The Popular Party Dan Diaconescu, populists), one from UDMR (Hungarian minority), one from PC (The Conservative Party, an ally of PNL), and one from the group of national minorities, others than the Hungarian one.
Since April 3, 2007, Prime Minister Tariceanu's PNL party has run an ultra-minority government in coalition with the UDMR and tacit support of the PSD.
Corroborating the particular requirement with documents issued by the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania), Professor Valentin Stan establishes that in 1995 it was about a disguised form to obtain ratification of a form of "internal self-determination" targeted by both Budapest and the Hungarian minority in Romania, following the model of the "autonomous community" in the Spanish Constitution enacted as a form of self-government of Catalonia and the Basque communities.
UDMR registers a slightly descendant result, from 5.
Le terme "multiculturalisme" est utilise aussi par le parti hongrois UDMR en 1996: "confiance dans l'homme et dans la societe multiculturelle" en promouvant l'enseignement superieur en hongrois.