UEXTUniversity Extension
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0 full speed connector, CAN routed to three-pin terminal block, I2C and SPI1 both routed to UEXT, and two USART DB9 connectors.
5" 320x200 24bit color TFT LCD display with backlight and touch screen and a wide selection of peripherals including: a MP3 decoder DSP and VS1002D codec; a 3-axis digital accelerometer with 11 bit accuracy; a 64M SDRAM; USB host and USB device connector; IrDA transceiver; PS2 keyboard connector; 100 Mb/s Ethernet port; CAN driver and connector; RS-232 interface with ICSP control; SD/MMC card connector; JTAG connector; MICTOR trace connector; reset button; 2 user buttons; trimming potentiometer; UEXT connector; audio input and output; and RTC battery holder.