UFCAUniform Fraudulent Conveyance Act
UFCAUnited Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, NC)
UFCAUniform Fire Code Association
UFCAUruguayan Film Critics Association
UFCAUnited Forties Civic Association (Queens, NY)
UFCAUrethane Foam Contractors Association (Austin, Texas)
UFCAUnified Family Court Amendment
UFCAUnited Families Consumer Association
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1986) ("[Defendants] also argue that as a general rule the UFCA should not be applied to leveraged buy-outs.
1986) (applying the UFCA to avoid a leveraged buyout).
135) New York, whose law applied in this adversary proceeding, is one of the few states still using the UFCA and its terminology, hence the language "fair consideration" in lieu of UFTA's term "reasonably equivalent value.
UFCA provides its fertility centers with administrative services such as finance, accounting, human resources, risk management, legal and purchasing support; marketing and sales support, Internet marketing and website support, access to integrated information systems, and access to capital for financing clinic operations and expansion.
44) Under the older UFCA, X is not personally obligated to [C.
Faraldi can be criticized for not attending to the bona fide purchase defense in the UFCA.
In New York, which codified a version of the UFCA as NYD&CL [subsection] 271-281, a trustee can proceed under either an actual or constructive fraud theory to recover fraudulent transfers pursuant to [subsection] 273-276.
56) The New York State version of the UFCA provides the trustee with four separate causes of action against constructively fraudulent conveyances, each requiting the plaintiff to establish that the transfers were made "without fair consideration.
The UFTA, like the UFCA, applies to either existing or future creditors.
Nine states rely on statutes mirroring the Statute of Elizabeth, five states have adopted the UFCA, and thirty-six have adopted the UFTA.
A impressora 3d disponibilizada pelo laboratorio de prototipagem da UFCA, e a ZPrinter 150.
A escolha deste software para execucao do presente trabalho se deu pelo fato de ser a ferramenta ensinada e utilizada atualmente no curso de Design de Produtos da UFCA, na disciplina computacao grafica II.