UFDRUniversal Flight Data Recorder
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A ceasefire with UFDR and another rebel group, FDPC, has generally held since June, according to the UN secretary-general's most recent report on the country, although newer information suggests that FDPC may have been involved in a deadly ambush against government troops on November 11.
The Popular Army for the Restoration of Democracy (APRD), led by Jean-Jacques Demafouth, a former defence minister, and Damane Zakaria's UFDR agreed to dearm and demobilise as part of the deal.
Earlier this week, SRSG Coomaraswamy signed an action plan and secured commitments for the end of recruitment and use of children by the CPJP and UFDR, both rebel groups in the Central African Republic.
The UFDR demobilized 180 child soldiers during the year.