UFFVAUnited Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association
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Beginning May 7, a Sunday, UFFVA will be setting up a Produce Show Hospitality Center that will serve as a convenient meeting place on the show floor.
According to Philpott, a group of top executives will meet with UFFVA exhibitors to discuss key produce industry issues.
Trade association representative -- Thomas Stenzel, UFFVA, Virginia.
PG: I understand UFFVA began a big food safety push earlier this fall.
PG: As UFFVA prepares for its third concurrent convention and trade show with FMI, please discuss how the joint event has been received in both the produce and retail communities, and what key learnings have been revealed in the process as it relates to your association's current mission and future objectives.
The pilot program has grown since it was launched in 1996 and has received universal support from industry until this year, when UFFVA protested that the certification provided a competitive advantage to the firms participating.
UFFVA also launched the first month-long celebration of fresh fruits and vegetables, dubbing June "Fresh Month.
John McClung, senior director of public affairs at UFFVA said he is optimistic about a "white paper" issued in early April by the Institute of Food Technolo" gists "It is a very significant piece of work in confirming what we've been saying, that the risk to the general public from pesticide residues is insignificant-that s a manufactured or artificial risk.
To help grocers better respond to complex consumer questions, UFFVA AND PMA jointly introduced a new CPQ educational campaign for retailers called "Grown for Goodness Sake.
Prior to the first series, says Anne Day, director of promotion and education for the UFFVA, a nationwide survey of some 600 retailers was conducted to determine what products would be featured.