UFMCSUniversity of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies
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UFMCS introduces Liberating Structures which are frameworks and methods that make it possible for people and organizations to foster creative ideas and innovation.
These tools, as well as others in the UFMCS curriculum identify gaps, seams and vulnerabilities in plans and operations and lead to better decision making.
The UFMCS approach to educating the force is not only "distinct" because of its unique curriculum and methods, but it is also directly relevant to the Army's RAF and SLP concepts and the Department of Defense's (DOD) LREC capabilities directive.
UFMCS currently provides cultural education to soldiers at brigade, division, and Corps levels.
In an article in Small Wars Journal, Steve Rotkoff, Director of the University, describes the role UFMCS can play in educating the force for SLP.
UFMCS lessons address all competencies identified, directly or indirectly.
UFMCS has developed a one-week program to address requirements outlined in the LREC strategy in support of RAF and SLP.
As the Army faces a future dominated by the need for rapid adaptation and a resource constrained, CONUS based force, in support of expeditionary operations, the type of education UFMCS provides is a critical component in the preparation of our soldiers and leaders.