UFPJUnited for Peace and Justice
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UFPJ also expands the lens through which it condemns the war on terrorism to draw attention to larger issues of democracy, human rights, and justice abroad and at home.
The peace movement's tactics and mobilizing strategies as utilized by Win Without War, ANSWER, and UFPJ support Keck and Sikkink's research on TANs.
Both ANSWER and UFPJ frame their message in simple humanistic terms: "Bring the Troops Home Now" and "End all Occupations," illustrating a transnational sense of interdependence, collective identity, and solidarity.
The UFPJ linked up with the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, based in Minneapolis, a grassroots organization built through some nonprofits and community groups.
It's worth remembering that whether they're anarchists (in the A31 coalition, which organized many of the direct actions) or socialists (like many in the UFPJ leadership), often it is radicals who most effectively defend the mainstream values of America: values like democracy, free speech and inclusion.
Most of them are either affiliated with UFPJ or are not part of either ANSWER or UFPJ.
Some groups in UFPJ are increasingly concerned about the question of an alternative occupation," explains Andrea Buffa, an activist with Global Exchange and a steering committee member of UFPJ.
The Internet allowed UFPJ to start serious organizing with only $5,000 to $10,000.
All the others were self-organized by UFPJ affiliates--local church, labor and peace groups who used the website to facilitate their own coordination.
The global vigils were but one of a string of Internet-enabled antiwar actions facilitated by UFPJ and MoveOn.
At a June convention in Chicago, UFPJ consolidated its far-flung coalition by forging a unifying program for a new wave of movement-building.
The polarizing debate about how to take up the issue of Palestine, for example, which roiled the UFPJ listserv in May, was handily resolved in the more goal-oriented and accountable setting of the coalition's June conference.