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UHCUnited Health Care
UHCUniversity Hospitals of Cleveland
UHCUnited Hitech Corporation
UHCUnburned Hydrocarbons
UHCUnwanted Horse Coalition
UHCUniversity Health/System Consortium
UHCUltra High Capacity
UHCUdvar-Hazy Center (National Air and Space Museum)
UHCUnder Honorable Conditions
UHCUnicorn Hobby Corporation (airsoft gun manufacturer)
UHCUnderlying Hazardous Constituents
UHCUnited Holy Church of America, Inc.
UHCUndershoot Hardened Circuitry (Fairchild Semiconductor)
UHCUniversal Holding Cabinet
UHCUltra High Compression
UHCUnit Hardware Cost
UHCUpper Hatch Close
UhCUnholy Company (gaming clan)
UHCUnited HealthCare Service, Inc.
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CHICAGO, March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- UHC has released the findings of a new study that evaluated the use of medical devices based on cost and quality outcomes to uncover several trends related to high-priced physician preference items (PPIs).
UHC has worked in conjunction with AACN to develop the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program[TM], which offers a curriculum and support for new graduate nurses.
The new initiative, which continues a two-year partnership established between Beaumont Health System and UHC, will provide Beaumont Health with access to Novation's price-competitive supply contracts and UHC's supply chain analytics, industry-leading consulting, and tools for improving supply utilization and standardization.
The UHC study found that 42% of all health care spending among the commercially insured population arose from unpredictable and largely unavoidable single events such as appendectomies or injuries.
VHA and UHC members used Novation's contracts to purchase more than $25 billion in supplies in 2005.
The growth in member savings is attributable to many factors, including higher-volume purchasing through UHC's supply contracting company, Novation; greater adoption of UHC's advanced analytics; and member collaboration with UHC experts to identify savings opportunities linked to physician preference items, supply utilization, and standardization.
With a maximum flow rate of 60 GPM (gallons per minute), Dresser Wayne's rugged new Century UHC dispensers are available in a wide variety of models, including singles, single-product dual, two-product dual, single and dual satellites, and a master/satellite combination unit.
Formed in 1984 and based in Chicago, Illinois, UHC fosters collaboration with and among its 117 academic medical center and 310 affiliated hospital members through its renowned solutions in the areas of performance improvement, comparative data and analytics, supply chain management, strategic research, and public policy.
The award winners were announced at the UHC Annual Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, which was attended by nearly 2,000 people, including health care professionals from more than 100 UHC member organizations.