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UHCUnited Health Care
UHCUsb Host Controller
UHCUniversal Host Controller
UHCUniversity Hospitals of Cleveland
UHCUnited Hitech Corporation
UHCUnburned Hydrocarbons
UHCUnwanted Horse Coalition
UHCUniversity Health/System Consortium
UHCUltra High Capacity
UHCUnited Hebrew Charities
UHCUdvar-Hazy Center (National Air and Space Museum)
UHCUnicorn Hobby Corporation (airsoft gun manufacturer)
UHCUnder Honorable Conditions
UHCUnderlying Hazardous Constituents
UHCUniversity Honor Council (various schools)
UHCUtility Helicopter Commander
UHCUnited Holy Church of America, Inc.
UHCUndershoot Hardened Circuitry (Fairchild Semiconductor)
UHCUniversal Holding Cabinet
UHCUltra High Compression
UHCUnit Hardware Cost
UHCUpper Hatch Close
UHCUnholy Company (gaming clan)
UHCUnited HealthCare Service, Inc.
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UHC has an experienced management team that has demonstrated expertise in addressing market challenges.
The power of UHC is that it doesn't only result in improved health.
Achieving UHC is one of the targets the nations of the world set when adopting the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.
This requires whole villages to understand that access, and lack thereof, to healthcare is a shared burden and the UHC has mechanisms to cushion every single Kenyan.
Indonesia is committed to providing UHC and has set a target for achieving UHC by 2019.
So, while we agree with the need for an "evidence-informed deliberative process," such as the authors recommend (especially for generating legitimacy at the relevant decision-making level in a given country), we believe that Baltussen et al have been too agnostic in their editorial about the criteria and values already embodied in UHC (that is, about the substance of UHC).
In this paper, we raise the issue of how Nepalese sociopolitical landscape evolved to support UHC, examining how key factors such as social solidarity, ongoing dynamic political pressure, economic growth, and people's satisfaction can play a major role for the full achievement of UHC.
UHC assumes even greater importance in the context of the recent adoption by the United Nations of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Sen says the argument that poor countries cannot provide UHC is based on crude and faulty economic reasoning, citing four reasons overlooked by naysayers:
It also states that sustained political commitment from the highest level of government, including the head of state, is essential in implementing successful UHC reforms.
and US-based not-for-profit academic medical centre alliance UHC have inked an agreement to combine into a single organisation that will be the largest member-owned health care company in the country, the groups said.