UHFWCUnion Health and Family Welfare Centres
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0 (BDHS, 2004) Targets Antenatal Care 15,00,000 (mid-2003) Postnatal Care 5,70,000 (mid-2003) Safe Menstrual Regulation 2,50,000 (mid-2003) (MR)--Number of women who received MR services in a year Safe delivery--Number of 4,65,000 (mid-2003) pregnant women who obtained safe childbirth care both at home and facilities provided by skilled personnel in a year Availability of Obstetric -- first aid at Union HFWCs-- Number of UHFWCs staffed and equipped for safe delivery and Obstetric First Aid in a year PROJECTED TARGETS HNPSP PRIORITY OBJECTIVE UNIT OF MEASUREMENT MID-2006 MID-2010 Reducing Proportion of births attended 25.