UHGUnited Health Group
UHGUnified Healthcare Group (Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
UHGUniversal Heteroduplex Generator Assay
UHGUltrahigh Gain (antenna)
UHGUnless Holding Group (environmental impact business consulting)
UHGUnteroffiziersheimgesellschaft (German)
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We are delighted to extend our partnership with Energy Resources LLC and to continue our focus on delivering cost efficiencies and innovation at the UHG mine.
Government would also allow for future service opportunities for UHG administering healthcare benefits for government employees, a market of which UHG had minimal penetration.
The innovative design approach of the UHG architecture ultimately reduces telcos' copper-to-fiber technology migration costs, offering unprecedented flexibility for the next generation of broadband connectivity solutions," stated Bomin Wang, CEO of EcoNet.
The BN-UHG road will serve as the reliable connection through which the company will transport coal from the BN mine to the coal processing facilities located at the UHG mine.
Cuomo's office, UHG also settled a lawsuit with the American Medical Association and two state medical associations over the use of the Ingenix database.
UHG vice president of sales Jack Mata will be the listing agent for the condominiums.
Reed Tuckson, MD, executive vice president and chief of medical affairs for UnitedHealth Group (UHG), also uttered the "R" word, declaring that "we're all in this together," and promising that UHG is committed to forwarding evidence-based, wellness focused healthcare.
Practices will have to demonstrate that they have the infrastructure and personnel to provide patient-centered care, and UHG will provide additional payments to the physicians whose care is based on the model and who demonstrate measurable improvements in the overall health of their patients.
This controlled variation in the UHG greatly enhances electrophoretic sorting of single-base substitutions in the samples and increases the resolution between homo- and heteroduplex DNA (see Fig.
To spearhead the often complex and lengthy application process to attain LEED status, Union Hotel Company Tallahassee, RLLP has partnered with Boulder, Colorado-based UHG Consulting, a sustainability consulting firm specializing in LEED certification and green building.
Construction logistics parent site equipment and separation Uni for the modernization UHG - University main building - the first phase of construction at the University of Bielefeld.