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UHIUrban Heat Island
UHIUniversal Health Insurance
UHIUnilever Health Institute
UHIUniversity of the Highlands & Islands Millennium Institute (also seen as UHIMI; Inverness, Scotland)
UHIUnited Home Improvement (contractor network)
UHIUnited Hmong International, Inc
UHIU-Haul International (various locations)
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Nevertheless, the UHI effect negatively impacts residents of urban-related environs, humans and their associated ecosystems located far away from cities.
Based on the thermal map data, mitigation options and overall intervention through best practices to reduce UHI can be suggested in the city with the participation of the stakeholders such as developers, building owners, utilities, industries and other concerned parties," he said.
Numerous studies have focused on the association between UHI and convergence, as well as the relationship between air pollution and human health.
Donald MacBeath, depute principal of North Highland College UHI, said: "We are delighted to partner Ballet West in the new degree.
A UHI occurs when the air temperature in an urban area is higher than in surrounding areas.
11) Our argument does not intend to reopen debates on the strengths and weaknesses of a possible right to UHI.
Heddle (cultural studies, UHI Millennium Institute [U.
Golf management, at UHI Millennium Institute, Inverness.
The worst was the UHI Millennium Institute in Inverness with 47 per cent, followed by the College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, with 36 per cent.
The shareholders and Board of Directors of MPT unanimously approved the offer by UHI.
Contract Notice: The UHI is seeking to appoint a single supplier for the supply and delivery the total of 40 GPS Tags and associated hardware software suitable for attachment to seabirds by a means other than a harness.
The group wants asthma medication included on either the Long Term Illness or Medical Card schemes, or on the basic UHI package.