UHINUganda Health Information Network
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As a vulnerability evaluation and remediation program, SecurityMetrics HIPAA Onset helps UHIN members identify possible risks to their systems and understand actionable to-dos to make patient data safer.
President of UHIN, Teresa Rivera, said : "UHIN is pleased to partner with SecurityMetrics to increase security throughout the communication network used by our community.
On May 10, UHIN sponsored the Utah Healthcare Connectivity Day to celebrate their services.
HealthInsight will be partnering with UHIN to improve diabetes management performance measures, reduce health system costs throughout the region, and increase availability, accuracy, and transparency of quality reporting.
I was offered the job here at UHIN as the CTO," says Burchett, who went on to explain why a company like UHIN would be better served by a CIO.
Using cHIE and with my permission, my doctor can query databases around the state and get my information in real time," explains Jan Root, executive director of UHIN.
Seven out of ten Veterans receive some portion of their health care from private sector hospitals and clinics, such as those served by UHIN.
Additionally, UHIN was also accredited with EHNAC's Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP-EHN).
We congratulate HEALTHeLINK, QHN and UHIN on recognition by ONC of their already significant achievements in improving patient health in their communities via HIE, and look forward to their Beacon consortia leveraging the awards to lead the nation to better health outcomes," said Glenn Keet, President of Axolotl.
A community-focused, state, not-for-profit, UHIN operates a secure valued-added network (VAN) for healthcare in the state of Utah.
UHIN recently signed an expanded contract to deploy the clinical module of HTP MedRunner statewide.
With over 5 million transactions per month, UHIN has sufficient revenue to grow its services and handle more types of electronic healthcare information transfers.