UHKUniverzita Hradec Kralove (Czech: Hradec Kralove University; Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)
UHKUniversity of Hong Kong (also seen as TUHK)
UHKUniversity of Hard Knocks
UHKUniversity of Hawaii Kapiolani (formerly Kapiolani Community College; Honolulu, HI)
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10 Affected utilities: - hydrocarbon-wire, - drinking water supply, - small, medium, and high voltage power lines, - wireless communications, - UHK.
Inboard interior parts for building event" UHK - Building C - the location on Soutoku "The subject of additional work are the changes listed in the change sheet no.
That fact however, does not correspond with the investigation carried out by UHK two years later, when the effective increase in users did not occur.
This research has been supported by the FIM UHK Excellence Project "Agent-based models and Social Simulation".