UHSCUltra-High-Strength Concrete
UHSCUniversity Health and Safety Committee (various universities)
UHSCUniversity Health Services Center (various universities)
UHSCUkrainian Heritage Studies Center (est. 1977; Jenkintown, PA)
UHSCUniversity of Hull Scarborough Campus (UK)
UHSCUltra High Speed Camera
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It is broadly divided into three groups, NSC (Normal Strength Concrete), HSC (High Strength Concrete) and UHSC (Ultra High Strength Concrete).
Fifty-five whole blood specimens from 39 transplant patients [heart (n = 9), lung (n = 9), kidney (n = 7), liver (n = 10), and bone-marrow (n = 4); human studies approval UHSC 35-97] were initially assayed for tacrolimus with the ProTrac II method (PRO-TRAC II FK506 Kit).
Allen and Eghbalieh are second-year Radiology Residents at Tulane UHSC.