UHSSUltra-High-Strength Steel
UHSSUtah Health Status Survey (est. 1986; Utah Department of Health; Salt Lake City, UT)
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In last decade significant effort has been made on developing trimming of AHSS and UHSS and their characterization.
This trial was set up to test the "visibility" of the repair site to an MFL tool based on a test spool which would allow the following aspects to be assessed: 1) axial location of start and finish of repair; 2) resolution of pipe wall defect filled with epoxy filler material (both organic-filled and metal-filled epoxy); 3) resolution of individual UHSS strip layers in the repair; and 4) resolution of metal loss defects within strip layers (both above pipe wall defects and full pipe wall).
The chemical composition of the tool steels and UHSS are presented in Table 1.
The adhesive wear results in material transfer from the tool steel to the UHSS which is in marked contrast to the behaviour, observed at room temperature, where the material adhered to the pin.
But before leaving the subject of safety and steel, there is the use of what they call "soft zones" in the otherwise UHSS structures.
The UHSS strips are fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated in a factory environment before transport to site.
The new model W621 UHSS (Ultra High-Speed Servo) is a three-axis model with payload capacity of 6.
It not only meets the crash requirements, but the beam is also 40% lighter than the comparable UHSS component.
Four layers of UHSS strip were applied over the defective area.
Mercedes says it plans to continue to expand use of HSS and UHSS in the future because, as opposed to aluminum, less material is required to obtain maximum crash performance, reducing overall cost.