UHTCUltra High Transmission Coatings (Meade)
UHTCUltra High Temperature Ceramics
UHTCUltra-High Temperature Composite (materials)
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Our application to EDA for the UHTC program delivers instant economic impact and smart growth benefits that will last for decades, so we are hopeful this necessary program is quickly revived so we can commence construction.
Our tests, made with the unbiased "eye" of a CCD camera, show that the UHTC performs as advertised.
The majority of patients coming to UHTC belong to the age group 20-45 years (1251, i.
2]pq}, [7] here n = sample size, N = total no of households living under the service area of Bagbazar UHTC, i.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of electrical installation in GMCH, Sarai building, UHTC Sec 44, MRC Sec 31, RHTC Sec 56, at Chandigarh.
All the above mentioned females attending the gynecological OPDs in the JNMCH, UHTC and RHTC were screened by a verbal questionnaire.
Health facilities available within 2 km of the area includes: a tertiary care facility (Medical College), UHTC, one private nursing home, offering facilities for ANC and delivery services.
In urban area, study was conducted in field practice area of Girdharnagar UHTC, which was randomly selected.
The general and systemic examination of the patient was done at UHTC.
A retrospective cohort study was conducted in UHTC field practice area of Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, from November 2013 to December 2013.
and switchgear in GMCH, Sarai building Sec 32, MRC Sec 31, UHTC Sec 44, RHTC Sec 56, Chd.