UIFSAUniform Interstate Family Support Act
UIFSAUnited Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (political group)
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Moreover, UIFSA was a preexisting model law that "proved to be a near-perfect vehicle for integrating a federally negotiated treaty into American state law.
In Afghanistan, the initial local owners of the post-Taliban peace process were established in the Bonn Agreement and consisted mainly of representatives of UIFSA.
The UIFSA reduces the possibility for multiple state support orders and makes procedures for initiating and enforcing support orders more efficient.
UIFSA contains a definition of "home state" that is almost identical to the definition set forth in the UCCJEA.
By 1996, PRWORA mandated that all states pass UIFSA as well as other improved interstate enforcement measures as a condition of federal aid, including the introduction of standardized forms for case processing, use of telephonic hearings, and the creation of more flexible standards for the admissibility of evidence.
UIFSA provides, for the first time, a uniform long-arm jurisdictional statute in "proceeding[s] to establish, enforce, or modify a support order or to determine parentage," which is as broad as the Constitution permits.
UIFSA replaces the earlier Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act (URESA), which has been the primary connection between states for enforcing child support orders since the 1950s.
One section of UIFSA resulted from problems with the Child Support Enforcement Amendments of 1984, which require states to expand wage withholding procedures to enforce the support orders of other states.
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2) The UIFSA represents a waiver of state sovereignty in family law, an area constitutionally reserved to the states, (3) in the name of settling jurisdiction uniformly across the states.
The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the interstate child support modification procedures under the UIFSA.