UJPUnited for Justice with Peace
UJPUnion of Journalists of the Philippines
UJPUkrainian Journal of Physics (peer-review journal)
UJPUniversal Jack Panels (electrical connectors)
UJPUniversidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde (Portuguese: Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde)
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With the proposal for making the UJP the main state executor, it seems that the Government admits that it has no sufficient money to pay for the services of the executors.
Since UJP started publishing this "list of shame" a year ago, the top three debtors have been the firms El Don Castillo Angel, Export Import Industria El Azteca and Motor Coach Industry International, each of each owes the state some 16 million euros.
Vesna Novakovik, UJP spokeswoman, stated that they do not have data on the basis of the regions or cities and she explains that the tax is the same for every citizen.
According to UJP director Goran Trajkovski, by introducing the electronic forms, the reports will be of better quality.
He is currently on vacation, while his associates at UJP told vest Tuesday he wasn't sure himself whether to reapply for that depended on the instructions he was about to receive from the political party he is a member of, VMRO-DPMNE.
UJP includes in these lists firms owing at least 5,000 and natural persons owing at least 2,000 euros.
Monday by numerous party officials, including MP and former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski, Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski, Marjan Risteski, Aerodrom Mayor Ivica Koneski, Ohrid Mayor Nikola Bakraceski, Cair Mayor Biljana Belicanec, UJP (Public Revenue Office) Director Goran Trajkov-ski, etc.
Promoting the system, Vanco Kargov, Director of the Customs Administration, and Goran Trajkovski, Director of UJP, said that UJP was going to use the data received via the electronic exchange with the customs authorities in determining, collecting and refunding VAT, performing inspections with taxpayers, conducting special risk-establishing procedures and making data analyses for management reports.
At the parliamentary session Thursday dedicated to MPs' queries, Oliver Spasovski from SDSM asked whether UJP would also be as eager as to investigate the assets of Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, who, according to them, increased her assets four times in the past five years, and the assets of VMRO-DPMNE MP Vlatko Gjorcev.
Since 2009, this institution has been collecting pension and health insurance contributions, and, according to statistics, UJP clams on this basis some 57 million euros since.
From a total of 35,230 VAT payers, only 178 have so far taken all necessary activities for electronic submission of tax returns and balances on profit tax to the Public Revenue Office (UJP), entering themselves into the UJP registry with a USB token digital certificate.
In Skopje, of 31 businesses where irregularities were detected, 26 have been closed down, 8 of which are in the so-called Plasticarska Street, UJP informed.