UJPOUnited Jewish Peoples Order
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107) Since UJPO had been expelled from the Congress, Salsberg could hardly find refuge in this august assembly (which called itself "the parliament of Canadian Jewry"), or in the Toronto Jewish community councils that were dominated by the local haute bourgeoisie.
at the Winchevsky Centre, remains part of the UJPO.
The overlap in the active membership with the UJPO,
when the UJPO was expelled from the Council during the Gold War years.
The leadership of the UJPO from Toronto and Winnipeg
affiliated with UJPO formally closed in the late 1960s, but there too, a
the UJPO sponsored programme to celebrate the Toronto opening of a
interviews and correspondence will be available at the UJPO Archives in
associated with the UJPO, Honey Novick, sang at the events.
organizations, such as the UJPO (the Canadian equivalent of the JPFO) in
describes the heated debate at the time that he left the UJPO.