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SCAMPStandardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan
SCAMPSingle Channel Anti-jam Man-Portable terminal
SCAMPSecurity Call Analysis and Monitoring Platform (AT&T)
SCAMPSound Card Amateur Message Protocol
SCAMPSupplemental Camera and Maneuvering Platform (UMCP Space Systems Lab)
SCAMPShipboard Chemical Agent Monitor, Portable
SCAMPScalable Membership Protocol
SCAMPShipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program
SCAMPStandard Configuration And Modification Program
SCAMPSmall Caliber Ammunition Modernization Program (US DoD)
SCAMPSensor Control & Management Platoon (USMC)
SCAMPSatellite Command Antenna on Medium Pedestal
SCAMPSelf-Propelled Crane for Aircraft Maintenance and Positioning
SCAMPScholarships for Children of American Military Personnel
SCAMPSystems Control & Maintenance Panel
SCAMPUK Computer Aided Message Processor
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