UKDPCUnited Kingdon Drug Policy Commission
UKDPCUnited Kingdom Disabled People's Council
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There have been four drugs ministers and three Home Office civil servants with lead responsibility for drugs since the 2010 election, the UKDPC said.
UKDPC chief executive Roger Howard said: "We have not been taking evidence seriously.
And up to 80% of those in drug treatment are out of work yet employment can increase the chances of successful treatment, UKDPC said.
The UKDPC backed using community orders rather than short jail sentences for drug offenders.
UKDPC chairwoman Dame Ruth Runciman said: "Two striking findings emerge from our review.
UKDPC (United Kingdom Drug Policy Commission) (2008) Reducing Drug Use: Reducing Offending: Are Programmes for Problem Drug-Using Offenders in the UK Supported by the Evidence?