UKHOUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
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The UKHO produces a worldwide series of some 3,500 paper nautical charts, 200 publications under the ADMIRALTY brand and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).
Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “We are delighted to be working with the UKHO again.
The UKHOs archive contains thousands of historical items, including nautical charts, Royal Navy surveys, books, letters and more.
As well as charting these waters to support safe navigation, the UKHO helps small island states to sustainably manage their marine resources by helping them to build their knowledge of their marine environment.
More recently, the UKHO supported relief efforts in the Caribbean in the devastating wake of Hurricane Irma.
By investing in new data capabilities and facilities, the UKHO is developing its world-class capabilities into the future.
Working in close collaboration with the Royal Navy, Queens Harbour Master and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, the UKHO also provided its wider marine geospatial expertise to prepare for the arrival, by providing detailed tidal stream predictions and supporting the placement of navigational aids.
Construction work will start on the building early in 2017 and all costs associated with the new office will be met by the UKHO from business receipts as a self-funding agency.
As well as bringing cost efficiency, the new building will deliver up-to-date technology and working conditions to enable UKHO to sustain a long-term future as a data-centric organisation.
Craig Allen, BAM Construction Director added: BAM are thrilled to be given the opportunity to work in collaboration with the UKHO team.
Organised jointly by the UKHO and MPA over a five-week period from 18th April 2016 at the MPA Academy in Singapore, the course will train attendees on compiling and maintaining navigational charts.
Rear Admiral Tim Lowe, National Hydrographer and Deputy Chief Executive of the UKHO commented: