UKMUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
UKMUltimate Killing Machine (movie)
UKMUsaha Kecil Menengah (Indonesian: Small and Medium Enterprises)
UKMUng Kultur Möts (Swedish: Young Culture Meet)
UKMUnit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (Indonesian: Student Activities Unit)
UKMUniversity Knowledge Management (information exchange program; various locations)
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To further its commitment in human resource development, Hitachi-GE has entered into an agreement with UKM and UNITEN to launch a new program.
8 The aims of this study were to determine the seroprevalence of acute dengue in UKM Medical Centre and its correlation with selected haematological and biochemical parameters.
Similarly, the UKM campus also developed through three phases; UKM Campus Development Plan 1973, UKM Bangi Campus Development Plan 1996-2010 and UKM Sustainable Campus Master Plan 2007-2020.
1 gives the figures for the employment status of UKM graduates since 2006.
Teaching Science and Mathematics in English Steering Mastery in English Language amongst Sciences Students in UKM.
In UKM we have the Institutes within the University.
The mDDQ, using TRU and the blood samples, is successfully applied for validation of dialysis adequacy [5], enabling similarly to UKM iteratively calculate the G and V values.
It is important for the nurses and technicians to verify that the correct treatment information is documented when UKM bloodwork is drawn since the result is dependant on the treatment parameters.
Mauting, the Czech manufacturer of the UKM Junior-02, has nearly two decades of experience in smoking," explained Malcolm Burgess, managing director of UFM.
Methods: It was a retrospective study done on SSM research projects at UKM.
Currently the trade sector still dominates the UKM credits provided by the country's largest bank accounting for 57.
UKM took the untrodden path of using Malay as its medium of instruction while UM and USM were still using English.